Product Details

Natural Brown Sugar

  • Model:SH0001

Product Introduction

Detail introduction of our products
Ingredients:saccharose, brown sugar
Origin of ingredients:Taiwan(Made in Taiwan)
Can be stored for 2 years. (For best before date, see the EXP of packet.)
▲This product won AA (anti-additive) certificate 3 stars.
▲This product won A.A. Taste Awards 2 stars (1 of 4 major international certificate of best food products.)
▲This product won the first silver quality award of Monde selection by international quality institute.
▲This product has been insured for product liability insurance.


Product Notes

 if any uncomfortable or allergic symptom occurs, stop using and consult a doctor.
please store in cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Must keep refrigerated and should be  consumed as soon as possible after opening.
How to eat:
1.Eat it directly.
2.Put it into coffee, all kinds of beverages, or into hot water.
3.It can be used to season desserts or dishes, as for the recipe recommendations, please check recipes. video recipes
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